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IMTT = Letting Go

A fascinating new therapeutic technique that I’d like to share with you is Image Transformation Therapy.  This is a technique that I trained in during the quarantine. 

IMTT used to treat:

Releasing Emotions and Images

The ultimate goal is to release intense emotions, which means, releasing the images associated with those emotions also, i.e. “letting go” through guided imagery and guided mediation.  This form of therapy mild and extremely user-friendly.  Through the process we destroy the images attached to events/trauma and release emotions triggered by these images.

I find IMTT helpful for those who have a history with intense emotions or trauma. Sometimes anxiety is a little trauma within the sufferer. Other times intense emotions block individual from using many life skills.  This approach is very effective, easy to use, and it can be done between sessions. In therapy sessions I will coach you on exactly how to implement this technique.

IMTT and Me

Because I too struggle, I have personally experienced relief by practicing IMTT.  I feel that to be able to teach the technique, I should be knowledgeable with my own experience in using it, “being on the receiving end of the technique”.  It is important to ask, “is this technique kind to me, and is it effective?”  I am a skeptic so experiencing releif is essential to me trusting any process I use.  

IMTT for Social Anixety

I have been using IMTT to deal with social anxiety issues.  For those who know me, it probably seems that it’s unthinkable that I could have social anxiety because I appear so outgoing; and I am in certain cases – especially individually or one on one. However, in work environments… for whatever reason… I feel like people do not like me, that people are judging me, and that I look like an idiot. I view myself through a microscopic lens, dissecting every word that I say, and then obsess for several days following these events. 

At this point I have done anywhere from 13-16 meditations and I am amazed at the effectiveness of it.  I’d say that my current social anxiety level has been reduced from 4 on a scale of 0-10  to a 1, and I can ignore it and move on.  Before EMDR, it was an 8 and EMDR reduced it to a 4.  Obviously, I am sold on it and I am now moving on to addressing another issue using Image Transformation Therapy.  Striving to resolve my own inner demons is a constantly evolving and everchanging process.

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