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Major Depressive Disorder and Mindfulness

A Part of Me Is Sad, it is not all of me. It is just a part. When it is present it shades my whole view.

I write to it, I sense it, I send love to it, I imagine healing light surrounding it. I do guided meditations with it. All with the intention of trying to change this sadness. But ultimately I have to accept that this part of me is just a part of the whole.


This mindfulness practice lessens the intensity of this state of being. Feelings come and go like clouds in the sky. Now is the part where you want to hit me upside my head. These cliches always ignited a violent response within me. But sadly they are true.  We have lots of parts within us, a village.

Therapy = Mindfulness

When I think of it this way it makes me laugh. There is so much that goes on within me, and within the people, I work with. The reason I find this framework useful is that it helps to mentally separate from it, like an active mindfulness meditation. It is helpful to see emotional states as parts of you where you are the witness, not the one experiencing the emotions. You are simply the observer of the emotions. You view them as you would a leaf blowing in the wind or like a ship sailing by on choppy waters.

This practice changes the intensity of the emotions you experience. When you look at emotional states this way it is like you are at the top of a hole looking down versus being at the bottom of the hole looking up and crying for help.

KD Holmes, LPC

Like any practice, it takes time to get to a workable state.

The concept at first shifts things a little, but over time it all becomes much easier and much more powerful. If you are working with me and if this concept does not ring true to you.... there are several others approaches that facilitate the same outcome.

Separation from Emotional States

Separation from emotional states occurs in art therapy, walking therapy, talk therapy, and through writing. These approaches take what is occurring inside of you and put it outside of you. It helps you separate from the turmoil within you. This is why talk therapy makes you feel better. Your emotional part of your mind that holds all of those intense emotions uses your more logical parts of your brain to communicate your experience. This allows for separation just like mindfulness. There are several roads to the same place.

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