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Working with KD Holmes, LPC

Therapy helps you find your path to happiness, your recipe for joy, and solutions for your life.

Therapy is different for every person.

Each one of us is a unique individual with our own soul. There is not one path to healthy living. There are different steps to take that vary from person to person. What works for me might not work well for you.

Therapy is a journey

—where I take you into yourself in order to discover what steps will pave the road to a better you. I assist you in discovering your needs, your desires, and your wants because most of us have spent years disowning, shaming, and judging what we need, want, and desire.

The years of struggling against ourselves blocks our path of creation. This particular path is a key to living a life that is true to who we are because it is through the act of creation—whether artistic, personal, practical—that growth and change are made. The therapeutic process guides you on this path until you are like a star on its perfect orbit with no blocks, restraints, or questions when it comes to the self and to who you truly are.

KD Holmes, LPC

What if every time you wanted water but you said “No, water is bad”? There would be some serious consequences! Not only would you dehydrate you would more than likely feel quite poor and eventually gamble your own mortality away due to this hyper-irrationality.

Our irrational views are sometimes created in childhood by well-meaning parents or by some significant experience in our lives. Other times they are just the way our brains are wired. That does not mean that anything is broken; it means we are all unique. I am in a position to help my clients identify the irrational thoughts blocking them. I teach them to accept these irrational aspects of our minds and to be unaffected by their presence. All it really takes is a bit of mindfulness and the right guidance.

I am here to provide you with guidance

Authentic Living - A big piece of what I do is to help you to discover who you naturally are.

Cognitive Challenging - addressing any thoughts that are stopping you from being your best self. I want you to develop a more supportive internal dialogue.  

Mindfulness Practice or Guided Meditation to create relaxing internal body sensations.

We all need a voice within us that celebrates who we are, and we all need a body that is calm and kind to our minds. Even in our mistakes, tribulations, or trials we need a voice that lets us know that mistakes are ok.

Remember - We are only human

Some of us naturally have that positive voice, but most of us have to work to develop it, and that is perfectly okay. Some of us can facilitate the same process of relaxation through practicing relaxation techniques. Both inner dialogue and relaxation body sensations are a similar body response.

The important thing is finding what works for you, and that is why I am here!

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