KD Holmes, LPCK. D. Holmes, MS, LPC

I have been a therapist for 14 wonderful years. Yes, I said wonderful. I love what I do and feel blessed that I found a profession that comes so naturally to me. I am known for being energetic, (in my personal life), and have been told that I am a lot -- especially when I am riding my bike and talking the entire time. I am also kind, patient, straightforward, and a natural problem solver. My brain loves puzzles. I actually do a puzzle every couple of months and the minute I am done, I take it apart and put it away… lol. I love the process of doing the puzzle.  So in that same fashion, figuring out individuals’ patterns and what will work for them intrigues me. I also thoroughly enjoy a good and meaningful conversation. I had a friend call me a raging extrovert, which she said perfectly, but I think it allows me to enjoy several days in a row of “talking and listening”.  

My undergraduate degree is in Anthropology, this foundation informs how I engage in therapy. There are one thousand ways to do one thing. Each culture develops its own way. Just like each individual has its own unique way. I try to honor this when assisting my clients in skills development and choosing what therapeutic processes will help.  

I also remain rooted in the principle that I am human too. I too struggle with life events and “problems.” I believe this is the human condition and none of us are exempt from it. The minute I think I have it all figured out and possess an all-knowing mindset is the same minute I am no longer good at what I do. Staying close to the pulse of humanity requires me to remain present with my own struggles. I call this being human.

Ultimately, therapy is an art form of being human, practicing patience, providing education, and of course being persistent to stay the course and help you move through your most stubborn barriers… ironically, this will be parts of yourself. The end goal is finding how YOU can work your way through it. I would like to invite you to therapy in my office, (where there will be two chairs, not a couch), just two people working it out.  Of course one of those two people will be me, a well-educated listener, guide, and coach.

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