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People come to therapy for all kinds of reasons. Some individuals have difficulty adjusting to life transitions. Others come struggling with anxiety (worrying), phobiasobsessions followed by compulsions, trauma, and depression. Sometimes it is an array of all. I call it the perfect storm. All problems collide at one time and wreak havoc. No matter the reason for therapy, talking to someone always helps.Therapists and clients call it several different things. Some call it therapy, my favorite term. It suggests a broad explanation of what occurs in our sessions like the process is the treatment.  Others call it counseling, which denotes that we are consultants on your situation, which is also true. Few call it psychotherapy, which suggests that you will be seeing someone for the rest of your life.  Basically, the goal of my office is to work ourselves out of a job. We “treat” individuals by meeting with them on a regular basis. Through our sessions, they will learn techniques to manage their inner world. 


Some Our Specializations:

We work with teens and adults to assist them in working through the following:


Anxiety consists of worrying several times daily, phobias (fears of bridges, vomiting, needles, flying, snakes, etc.), ruminating thoughts, (negative or catastrophic thoughts that get stuck in your head on repeat), or somatic sensations like racing heart, stomach aches shacking, depersonalization, or derealization.


Trauma is a big or little event that has caused problems in your life due to the internal and external residue it leaves, (thinking of the event when you don’t want to, and emotionally feeling the event), re-experiencing of that event when both awake and/or asleep.


Obsessions and compulsions consist of obsessions that are followed by internal or external compulsions that individuals cannot stop repeating.


Depression consists of depressed mood most days, irritability, lack of excitement about things that used to excite you, problems sleeping, decreased motivation, and sometimes contemplating dying.


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