There are many skills that can be used to manage emotions, stress, and symptoms of mental illness.  But if your symptoms are extreme, these skills must be used under the guidance of a therapist in order to treat your mental illness.  Otherwise feel free to try them out and see if they help to return some calming within your body. 

Common Therapeutic Skills:

Remember: Do not take yourself to seriously.  Laughter is far underated. Laugh at yourself as much as you can, its good for the soul.





The following are a few of my favorite meditations.  I prefer quick and simple relaxation techniques.  Try some of the exercises below and see what you think.  Just remember that any skill must be practiced on a regular basis in order to increase learning.   This ensures that you can use the skill to manage more extreme symptoms.  

The way it works is just like riding a bike.  You must practice until it becomes unconscious, and only then are you are ready to ride on any terrain and at any pace.  Meditation and relaxation practices work the exact same way.




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