Developmental Trauma

Image of the nervous systems response to trauma which is fight, flight, freeze, fawn, and flop

5 min read

Unraveling Trauma-Informed Therapy

Let's explore the impact of Trauma-Informed Therapy in addressing mental health issues and understanding trauma responses in relation to our client's...

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Trauma and Neurodivergence Treatment | Continuing Education

2 min read

Navigating the Intersection of Trauma and Neurodivergence

As a therapist, one of the most important things we can do for our clients is to provide trauma-informed care, and it is specifically useful with ...

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KD Holmes, MS, LPC | Marielle Babb, MS, LPC | Trauma Informed Therapy | CE hours

5 min read

Treating Developmental Trauma: Why Is It Important?

Trauma is a word that has been gaining more attention and importance in our society and in the therapy treatment world. We (therapists) all know what

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