Monet David, MS, LPC

Monet loves using pop culture, humor, and psycho education to increase meaning and understanding throughout the therapeutic process.

Trans paperairplane

5 min read

Therapists and Transcare: An Interview with Zach Hebert, LPC, NCC, PhD

One of the greatest pleasures I have in life are the friendships I've made along the way in my journey to becoming a therapist. For the most part, Counselor Education graduate programs tend to be small in size to ensure optimal quality of it's...

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3 min read

The Potential for Harm: Ethical Considerations in Counseling

As I continue to evolve in my professional identity, a lingering question has begun to consume my thoughts. Despite the extensive training and...

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Trans Flag

2 min read

Navigating Gender Affirming Care and Trans Rights: An Introductory Guide for Ethical Counselors

If you're a mental health professional, you probably took an oath to do no harm. But when it comes to working with transgender clients and navigating...

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2 min read

Serving the LGBT Population in Therapy

When working with clients from the LGBT community, it's important to remember your professional values and act ethically. This means following a code...

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2 min read

Sex in the therapeutic setting

Sex related issues are sensitive topics that may be difficult for individuals to discuss. That is why it is important for therapists to possess the...

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