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3 min read

The Potential for Harm: Ethical Considerations in Counseling

As I continue to evolve in my professional identity, a lingering question has begun to consume my thoughts. Despite the extensive training and...

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4 min read

The Benefits and Challenges of Mental Health Consultation: Insights from The Collective

Consultation within the context of mental health is something every therapist should be familiar with and engage in--yet there is this anxious...

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Trans Flag

2 min read

Navigating Gender Affirming Care and Trans Rights: An Introductory Guide for Ethical Counselors

If you're a mental health professional, you probably took an oath to do no harm. But when it comes to working with transgender clients and navigating...

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Neurodivergence | Neurodiversity | LPC | LCSW | LMFT

2 min read

Thinking Differently: Demystifying Neurodivergence for Therapists

As therapists, we often see a wide range of clients with varying backgrounds and experiences. However, one aspect that may be overlooked is...

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