Therapist sitting

5 min read

On Being a therapist's therapist

Here’s a question to consider—Are you a therapist’s therapist? Do you advocate for other therapists, and do you offer beneficence when the...

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3 min read

The Potential for Harm: Ethical Considerations in Counseling

As I continue to evolve in my professional identity, a lingering question has begun to consume my thoughts. Despite the extensive training and...

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4 min read

The Benefits and Challenges of Mental Health Consultation: Insights from The Collective

Consultation within the context of mental health is something every therapist should be familiar with and engage in--yet there is this anxious...

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Cults and Therapy : Ethics of Practice

5 min read

Exploring Parallels: Cults and Therapy - Ensuring Safety and Accountability

Any show on cults I fervishly watch in disbelief, fascination, and awe. It will suck me in, as I try to figure out the allure of its participants and...

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2 min read

Sex in the therapeutic setting

Sex related issues are sensitive topics that may be difficult for individuals to discuss. That is why it is important for therapists to possess the...

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