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Isla Turner, MS, LPC| therapist|LAFAYETTE LA

Sick and Tired of Societal Norms

My Mama used to say that a person will change once they are sick and tired of their circumstances. I just want to know when will society be sick and tired of race impacting every area of our lives?  There are those that would say "don't drag race into"... *insert here whatever topic you would like. But the social construct of race existed long before I drew breath on Earth. And honestly, there are some days that I am so mentally and physically exhausted from all the weight that comes with being Black.

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Isla Turner, PLPC | Grief

Finally, I live

Acts of service is my love language. So then it comes as no surprise that I enjoy helping people navigate life. It has always come natural to me to encourage people to live out a full and meaningful life. In 2019 and 2020 two life changing events happened that deepened my life purpose. The first happened in group therapy, where my group leader asked the question "And what is it costing you?" The second was my Dad's sudden death. Those two experiences forever altered the fabric of my life and have inspired me to live, wholly. 

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Isla Turner, MS, PLPC| therapist|LAFAYETTE LA

Today's Authoritarian Parents

If you are a no nonsense, my way or the highway parent, then chances are you are an authoritarian parent. It is your attention that I want today. I want to share with you what I am seeing in the therapy room and how I could benefit from your support. I infer from interactions with you that you have genuine concern and care for your child's wellbeing. However, that gets lost in translation because of your parental approach. From your perspective children in your youth dealt with the "old school way" and turned out fine. In today's world this parenting approach can be dangerous for your child. 

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