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Isla Turner, PLPC | Grief

Finally, I live

Acts of service is my love language. So then it comes as no surprise that I enjoy helping people navigate life. It has always come natural to me to encourage people to live out a full and meaningful life. In 2019 and 2020 two life changing events happened that deepened my life purpose. The first happened in group therapy, where my group leader asked the question "And what is it costing you?" The second was my Dad's sudden death. Those two experiences forever altered the fabric of my life and have inspired me to live, wholly. 

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Isla Turner, MS, PLPC | Therapist | Lafayette, La

The Curse of Being Gifted

There is a curse that comes with being "smart." You don't get to be the person that "has a hard time." Experiences and struggles that are otherwise normal for everyone else are seen as a red flag for you. A sign of weakness, imperfection. Maybe you have heard or thought "You know better." Whatever your exceptionalities, it does not free you from the experience of being human. 

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