Overachieving cycle | goal-anxiety-compulsive behaviors-to relief- repeat

5 min read

What is so Wrong with Being an Overachiever?

One of the fundamental pillars of my therapeutic approach focuses on adults who find themselves entangled in the intricate web of anxiety and...

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KD Holmes, MS, LPC | New Year's Resolution 2023

3 min read

How to Choose the "Right" New Years Resolution?

What if for your New Year's resolution you did not choose something that was perfectionistic, self-hating, idealistic, and counter to how you live...

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KD Holmes, LPC and Overachieving Anxiety Help

4 min read

How Did I Change My Own Overachieving Anxiety?

I wish I could say that my inner wisdom led me to recognize the need to cease my overachieving tendencies and that I promptly did so. My...

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KD Holmes, LPC and Overachieving

5 min read

My Story Through OverAchieving

Overachieving is comprised of emotional urges, habits, and so much lost time. I was constantly consumed by the urge to achieve, while outwardly it...

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Anxiety at KDH Counseling Lafayette, La

2 min read

A Magnifying Catastrophizing  Snow Balling Mind

Do I have an anxious Mind? Anyone who has a mind, that works like the above title, knows exactly what I am talking about.

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