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Isla Turner, MS, LPC| therapist|LAFAYETTE LA

Sick and Tired of Societal Norms

My Mama used to say that a person will change once they are sick and tired of their circumstances. I just want to know when will society be sick and tired of race impacting every area of our lives?  There are those that would say "don't drag race into"... *insert here whatever topic you would like. But the social construct of race existed long before I drew breath on Earth. And honestly, there are some days that I am so mentally and physically exhausted from all the weight that comes with being Black.

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Isla Turner, MS, PLPC| therapist|LAFAYETTE LA

More Than a Village

If it is indeed a widely accepted truth that it takes an entire village to raise a child, then it can be said that it takes an entire nation to raise a child with disabilities. The support and collaboration needed to provide the best care and opportunities for children with disabilities extend far beyond the immediate community. It requires a collective effort from all levels of society to create an inclusive and accessible environment that empowers these children to thrive.

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Isla Turner, MS, PLPC | Therapist | Lafayette, La

The Curse of Being Gifted

There is a curse that comes with being "smart." You don't get to be the person that "has a hard time." Experiences and struggles that are otherwise normal for everyone else are seen as a red flag for you. A sign of weakness, imperfection. Maybe you have heard or thought "You know better." Whatever your exceptionalities, it does not free you from the experience of being human. 

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