Due to so much misinformation about therapy.  The following videos are to provide understanding about the therapy process, and thereby enrich your therapy experience.  

When we act with intention, understanding, and conscious choice we have far greater outcomes than when we unknowingly achieve a goal.  With awareness we can recreate an outcome again and again, It's training for your mental health!


Erica discusses her story, therapeutic influences, and her take on therapy.
How to find a therapist, make an appointment, what to expect during the first session, and therapy myths
KD and Monet take a closer look inside therapy and inside themselves


Daily Meditations can help manage symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Obsessions, and Compulsions. This alone is not the answer but a part of treating lots of mental health symptoms.

DBT Wise Mind Meditation

Manages One's Emotional Mind

EMDR Safe Place Meditation

Creates Feelings of Calm and Safety

EMDR Container Meditation

Manages thoughts, images, and feelings


I spend lots of time in my practice teaching individuals how to manage mental health symptoms that occur in the mind, like Social Anxiety, Overachieving, Depression, OCD, Perfectionism, and Trauma


Redirect anxious or depressive thoughts


Manage Obsessions and Rumination


This appears to be an epidemic in our culture and plays a big part in OCD, Anxiety, and Depression.

Are You an Overachiever?

Overachievers Traits of Anxiety and Depression

Are You Willing to Change?

Rational Approaches to Increase Your Willingness to Change