KDH Counseling | Chronic Illness | Therapy

4 min read

It's No Use Going Back to Yesterday I Was a Different Person Then

Many seek therapy because they are blocked in some way. Some blocks are like the road has ended at a steep cliff with no bridge to cross over to the...

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Teen Mental Health at KDH Counseling Lafayette, La

3 min read

Is it Teen Angst or a Mental Health Issue?

This is a question parents often ask when they call to set up an appointment for their teen. Teenagers are often emotional, "difficult" to be around,...

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KDH Counseling and depression help for adults and teens

2 min read

The Neverending Blahs

Major Depressive Disorder is one of the major reasons people come to therapy. It is safe to say that we have all had a depressive period at some poin...

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