KD Holmes, LPC and Trauma Informed Therapy

2 min read

How to Overcome Trauma: Strategies for Healing

The effects of trauma can have a long-lasting impact on a person's mental health, disrupting their daily functioning and relationships. The true...

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KD Holmes, MS, LPC | Anxiety | Overachieving | OCD

4 min read

What do I Struggle With?

Sometimes in my office people are curious about me. Some ask what do I struggle with? There is an assumption that therapists do not struggle because...

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KD Holmes, LPC | sleep and mental health

8 min read

How is Your Sleep?

During my first session with a client (also known as “the intake session”) I always ask no matter what the mental health issue—

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KD Holmes, LPC and Overachieving Anxiety Help

4 min read

How Did I Change My Own Overachieving Anxiety?

I wish I could say that my inner wisdom led me to recognize the need to cease my overachieving tendencies and that I promptly did so. My...

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Image of KD when she was a child looking exuberant

3 min read

Why Am I so Nervous?

I have been called "nervous" since I was a child. I would venture to say that large doses of caffeine and chocolate probably did not help my...

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