Overachiever therapy (2)

KD Holmes, LPC and Overachieving

5 min read

My Story Through OverAchieving

Overachieving is comprised of emotional urges, habits, and so much lost time. I was constantly consumed by the urge to achieve, while outwardly it...

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KD Holmes, LPC on Overachieving

2 min read

Why Would I Want to Change My Overachieving?

This specific type of anxiety and depression is difficult to change because most individuals don't want to change something that brings them...

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KDH Counseling for tweens, teens, and adults for perfectionism and overachieving

3 min read

Can Success Impact Anxiety and Depression ?

I see so many clients who have no idea that overachieving is a part of their mental health problem. They come to me with so many achievements, yet...

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Overachiever Balance

2 min read

Beyond overachieving! Wait Is there any other way?

1. Looking at the Consequences of Living this Way Most individuals do not even think it is a problem to be an overachiever. They attribute their...

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