Therapy and COVID-19

Zombie Apocalypse Holiday

2 min read

Holiday Stress + Zombie Apocalypse = Stress Overload

Stress is common during the holidays, but imagine the holidays with a Zombie Apocalypse, we would all be affected by such an extreme crisis. Now the...

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KDH Counseling and COVID 19 and Trauma

1 min read

Is COVID-19 A Traumatic Event?

The COVID-19 world crisis can be traumatic, especially since it has impacted the entire globe. The terror, powerlessness, and shock can leave us with...

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KD Holmes, LPC Crisis Counseling

2 min read

How Does Therapy Address Crisis: COVID-19

So much of my practice centers around anxiety, trauma, phobias, panic disorder, obsessions, compulsions, and unhealthy coping patterns related to...

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