Social Justice


2 min read

The Sound of...Common Sense (Sex Trafficking Facts)

Sex trafficking, particularly in the context of children being exploited sexually, has been at the forefront of conversations lately and with good...

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3 min read

Let's Talk About Sex...Education

When the subject of sex comes up in session it is often in hushed whispers with eyes diverted to the ground. People (adults usually) are admitting...

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Monet David, MS, LPC on therapy and medication

3 min read

A Spoonful of Sugar: Therapy & Medication Management

One of the first questions I ask a new client..... what is your opinion about medication, and what are your past experiences with medication? Often,...

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Monet David, MS, LPC and LGBTQIA Community

4 min read

Cultivating Hope; Why I Work with the LGBT Population

Dirty mirror selfie for your nerves. Recently, a client admitted they had been searching for an older, gay male clinician. They desired to connect...

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