KD Holmes, LPC and Gratitude

6 min read

How do I Grow Positive Feelings?

Can cultivating a daily habit of growing positive feelings begin with noticing gratitude or victories within ourselves and those around us?...

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Holiday's Stress

3 min read

Laughing and Crying Through the Holidays (These Days it's Both)

In my office and in my personal life, I am reminded of how difficult holidays are for most humans, without the 2020 extras. Thrown into the mix now...

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KD Holmes, LPC on DBT

3 min read

Can We Change?

Gratitude is an oldy-but-goody thought practice that can change your mental focus from the glass is half-empty to half-full. It's an example of one...

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KDH Counseling | Depression

2 min read

How Do I Grow Good Feelings?

During quarantine I started to feel bogged down with the monotony of this situation.Wake up... eat… work… exercise…house project 2,534… lol… take...

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