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Isla Turner, MS, PLPC| therapist|LAFAYETTE LA

Ableism in the Therapy Room

As a mental health professional, having an unbiased perspective is paramount. However, sometimes we perpetuate biases and are ableist without even realizing it. It comes across in our marketing, office space, intake paperwork, tone, and the lines of questioning we have with our clients. These micro-aggressions perpetuate stigmas and make our clients feel marginalized. In this blog, we uncover how ableism shows up in the therapy process and what we can do to address and correct it. Additionally, we will discuss the seven ethical principles in counseling and how they apply to working with people with disabilities.

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Isla Turner, MS, PLPC | Therapist | Lafayette, La

I Don't Subscribe

I don't subscribe to the belief that to be nice, I must compromise my values and boundaries. Diminishing the most important parts of yourself to fit in can only work for so long. Eventually who you are will show up. Like a pressure cooker, the tension inside you will build and burst out to unmask your true identity. I choose to show up as my authentic self from the outset. 

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