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Therapy is Learning

KD Holmes, MS, LPC | tips for therapists

What Kind of Therapist are You?

I love food and the joy of flavors, hot, sweet, sour, salty with temperatures warm and cold, while having different textures with each bite. There is so much in a good meal.  Therapists are the same way.  We each have our own flavor, temperature, texture, which creates our way of "doing" therapy in our offices.  A good therapist has developed their own style based on a culmination of life experiences, interests, personality, and TRAINING.  There is an art to therapy.  

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Therapy | Counseling Results

What does “Therapy/Counseling” Really do?


1. What are reasonable therapeutic expectations?

Most clients have no idea how long it will take to change reactions to symptoms or habits that are part of how they live their lives. Changing our reactions to symptoms depends on several factors such as how long we have been experiencing symptoms and maladaptive reactions. Are they connected to other habits or symptoms?

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