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What is it like to work With KD?

I am told by my clients I am soft, easy to talk to, and silly. But objectively it's hard to gage when you work  alone in a room with one other person. Therapists are trained to be soft, warm, and do no harm. When we only do that, we create an environment for people to stay stuck, avoid, and ultimately not improve.  

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Zombie Apocalypse Holiday

Holiday Stress + Zombie Apocalypse = Stress Overload

Stress is common during the holidays, but imagine the holidays with a Zombie Apocalypse, we would all be affected by such an extreme crisis. Now the reality of 2020 with all its extras can seem very similar to a Zombie Apocalypse.  Add in the holiday season and it's bound to create stress overload. 

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To Bear Witness (a Verb)

Coming out of the COVID-19 quarantine experience and wearing my mask around town, sparks some sort of surreal feeling that this is actually happening. As I have moved past the terror of getting others sick, now I am facing news reports of more suffering.  

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