Social Anxiety

KD Holmes, LPC, MS, LPC, EMDR Certified

7 min read

What is it Like to Work With KD?

I am told by my clients I am gentle, approachable, easy to talk to, and silly. However, working in a room with just one other person can make it...

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KDH Counseling | Anxiety | Adventure

6 min read

Adventures in Anxiety Treatment

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so out of reach, so impossible to achieve? And the shame of not being able to achieve it became unbearable so ...

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KDH Counseling Holiday Stress

2 min read

Mental Health and the Holidays

So in addition to holiday stress, some of us can add in our internal struggles that don’t stop simply because it’s the holidays. It can feel bleak...

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KD Holmes, MS, LPC | Anxiety | Overachieving | OCD

4 min read

What do I Struggle With?

Sometimes in my office people are curious about me. Some ask what do I struggle with? There is an assumption that therapists do not struggle because...

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KD Holmes, LPC and Social Anxiety

3 min read

Did you know...I have Social Anxiety!

Many of my clients would never guess that I have social anxiety. If you watch my videos, it would seem highly unlikely that I become overwhelmed when...

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