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Isla Turner, MS, PLPC| therapist|LAFAYETTE LA

More Than a Village

If it is indeed a widely accepted truth that it takes an entire village to raise a child, then it can be said that it takes an entire nation to raise a child with disabilities. The support and collaboration needed to provide the best care and opportunities for children with disabilities extend far beyond the immediate community. It requires a collective effort from all levels of society to create an inclusive and accessible environment that empowers these children to thrive.

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Isla Turner, MS, PLPC | Therapist | Lafayette, La

I Don't Subscribe

I don't subscribe to the belief that to be nice, I must compromise my values and boundaries. Diminishing the most important parts of yourself to fit in can only work for so long. Eventually who you are will show up. Like a pressure cooker, the tension inside you will build and burst out to unmask your true identity. I choose to show up as my authentic self from the outset. 

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