Whitney Storey, MS, LPC, PMH-C | Counseling | Lafayette, LA

5 min read

What Doctors Need to Know about Neurodivergence

This blog is a companion blog to "Doctor Visits for Neurodivergent Folks," wherein I discuss specific ways that neurodivergent people can best...

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Whitney Storey, MS, LPC, PMH-C | Lafayette, LA | Counseling | Neurodivergence

5 min read

Doctor Visits for Neurodivergent Folks

If there is one thing I have learned about myself in my own autism journey that has also been supported by the clients I have been working with, it's...

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Whitney Storey, LPC | Deconversion | Lafayette, LA

4 min read

When We Don't Keep the Faith

Living and working in South Louisiana, religion (more specifically Christianity) is baked into so much of our day to day life. Some of my...

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