Generalized Anxiety Disorder

KDH Counseling | Anxiety | Adventure

6 min read

Adventures in Anxiety Treatment

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so out of reach, so impossible to achieve? And the shame of not being able to achieve it became unbearable so ...

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KD Holmes, LPC on Overachieving

2 min read

Why Would I Want to Change My Overachieving?

This specific type of anxiety and depression is difficult to change because most individuals don't want to change something that brings them...

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Image of KD when she was a child looking exuberant

3 min read

Why Am I so Nervous?

I have been called "nervous" since I was a child. I would venture to say that large doses of caffeine and chocolate probably did not help my...

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Anxiety Treatment | Lafayette, La | KDH Counseling

1 min read

Conversations with An Anxious Mind

Working Through Anxiety Anxiety can be so debilitating that it interferes with daily tasks, moods, presence with loved ones, and ultimately, quality...

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Anxiety at KDH Counseling Lafayette, La

2 min read

A Magnifying Catastrophizing  Snow Balling Mind

Do I have an anxious Mind? Anyone who has a mind, that works like the above title, knows exactly what I am talking about.

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