KD Holmes' Story

KD Holmes, LPC and Gratitude

6 min read

How do I Grow Positive Feelings?

Can cultivating a daily habit of growing positive feelings begin with noticing gratitude or victories within ourselves and those around us?...

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KD' s father holding a massive Louisiana crab

5 min read

A Lesson on Water Moccasins

The sorrow over my father's death lingers, an ache swirling in my heart, triggered by reminders. Today is one of those days, the anniversary of his...

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Neurodiversity and Neurodivergent Strenghts

4 min read

Is My Neurodivergence a Gift or a Curse?

There are so many new terms that float around social media. My favorite one right now is Neurodiversity. This term has provided self compassion and...

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OCD Cycle Image- Obsessions-Anxiety-Compulsions-Relief-Repeat

3 min read

Are You Lost in Your Obsessive Brain?

Many of the individuals I work with (myself included) are plagued by an obsessive brain. Obsessive brains are repetitive and stuck, living in a...

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KD Holmes, LPC

8 min read

Lean into It!

It’s been a long time since I had an adventure. I have been consumed by my day-to-day responsibilities of my relationship, work, family. I try to fit...

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