It's No Use Going Back to Yesterday I Was a Different Person Then

Functional Medicine

Depression, Anxiety, or Medical Issue?

1.Have your body checked by a physician for any underlying medical issues and treat those first and/or at the same time as therapy. I love Functional Medicine!

2. Focusing on your sleep is imperative: try to get 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night and attempt to determine whether or not your mood improves or changes as a result of this essential self-care technique. Sleep is one of the most important things we do neurologically and must be treated as a priority. If you are having problems sleeping that are not medical, talk to your therapist about the issues you are undergoing so that you can work out non-medical ways to improve your sleep.

3.  Listen to Your Wisdom, and if you can not hear your Wisdom meet with a therapist to develop your inner ear (pardon the pun).

4. Be kind to yourself in action and in thoughts. Helping your body feel good is one of those acts of kindness that you deserve, actually it’s your human right!

Needless to say, it has been a while since I have written a blog. Last July, I came down with an illness that took six months to figure out and another four to treat. With that being said, I suppose my excuse for my blogging absence is that my energy was severely depleted and I was in no place to write or feel creative. The whole process made me acutely aware of all of my clients’ health issues and their potential effects on mood and ability to complete therapeutic tasks.

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Many seek therapy because they are blocked in some way. Some blocks are like the road has ended at a steep cliff with no bridge to cross over to the other side. Today, I will discuss body blocks which can feel similar to this, metaphorically speaking.

Bodies <-> Mental Health

Our bodies affect our mental health both chemically and peripherally. Any health issue that causes fatigue and decreases motivation also affects mood. Sleep is affected by so many mental health issues, physical issues, and both good and bad stress. When you are not sleeping your mood will be greatly affected and your ability to manage it will be compromised.  Clients cannot be treated properly if health issues are left untreated.

Physical well-being is related to mental health.

During my trial of convalescence, my energy level dropped from 100 percent to about 50 percent, and because of what I do, I began to fathom how people would perceive this overall fatigue as “depression”. I knew that my ailment was physical and not mental as I sensed a significant difference within my body. As my health condition continued on without doctors diagnosing me, I had more concern for what was wrong with me. Again I could see how people would call this anxiety when it was related to the concern of an untreated health issue. I was finally diagnosed with immune system issues and treated. I am by no means the same as I was a year ago. My body is now unforgiving and I must rest adequately, eat healthy, and manage my stress better than I ever have.


Because I am so hard-headed or determined, however one may view it, I spent a lot of time trying to go back to the way I was a year ago. I finally accepted the reality of it and began to change the entire way I live. No problem at all... I am completely joking.

Changing the way I respond to life has been an adjustment. The irony of it all is that once I changed my lifestyle, I started to feel better. SMH. Honestly, I knew what I needed to do a year ago, I just wasn’t willing. How can you trust your inner wisdom to know the next step for you to take?

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